Below you will find a list of the questions we get asked on a regular basis.

We don't price this on the property size, we price this per circuit as that's what we are testing, not the size property or how many bedrooms or bathrooms you have. Our prices start from £200 plus vat up to six circuits most houses and flats have this amount. Six circuits and more than £20 plus vat per circuit. The more circuits, the more time it will take us.

The main switch counts a one circuit and so on. So within this picture you have 13 circuits which would give you a price off £340 plus vat



What we call a minimum charge job (up to one hour) is £75 plus vat, then £45 plus vat there after. Half day £250 plus vat Full day £400 plus vat.
Unfortunately no unless again agreed with the customer e.g. places that only close on weekends.
No we try not to unless agreed with the customer e.g. we just finished an emergency job for a school where we worked as soon as the children left.
On most jobs we are about 4/6 weeks booked in advance but we do allow for some smaller jobs/call out to happen that day or week.
We tend to do quotes and estimates (visits) on Tuesday, which allows me to get all of them back to you the same day, if not a couple of days, depending on how big the job is.
The simple answer is yes within our system. We send out multiple reminders to you. Once the job is booked for a quote or to do the job, you will get an automated message saying you are booked for this time and date. After this, you will receive a text message and email reminding you about the booking, and on the day, I will personally send you a text message saying I’m on my way, which even gives you the option to track my arrival.
A big yes, we love small jobs from even just changing a light bulb. Trust me, we have been called out for just changing a light job. We are the only local company that prides ourselves on doing the small jobs that no one will come out to, even the biggest jobs that can take weeks.
A quote is simply a fixed price. An estimate is an estimate of the price to fix or install something. We normally do estimates due to not knowing what we will find within the wiring or something else, and we need more materials, but I mean, we always inform the customer before commencing. This doesn’t just help us with knowing the cost but also yourself.
Yes, we always try to break down the quotes/estimates as much as possible, but sometimes we can’t, so we will give a price, e.g. per room or so on.
I wish I knew this, but unfortunately, unlike plumbing with a leak, we cannot see this issue. We typically price these at an hourly rate plus materials if needed, but they will always be agreed upon beforehand.
It depends on the job, but if it's just changing sockets and lights over, then yes, we can, but if there are more materials we require, then no, we won't give you a price straight away as we always check with our local wholesalers on costs to make sure you get the best price possible.
Yes and no to this answer again depends on a couple of things. What size cable do you have going to the shower, and what size breaker do you currently have? Everything is possible but will depend on budgets and what you have, and what you need.
Unfortunately, the simple answer is yes, it will, but we have a couple of ways around this. We do carry a battery bank that we can plug a router in if you still require internet and are on a laptop. The other thing is we can do all the work we need to turn the power off for a brief period.
Yes, we can, but there are a few things we must check first. Has the consumer unit (fuseboard) got R.C.D protection (this is most now)? Secondly, where can we pick a supply from? How would you want us to run the cable? Are you happy about us chasing out the plaster, or would you prefer us to us trunking?