Additionally, we offer a colour chart showcasing various colour outputs, allowing you to maximise the light you desire and instantly transform any room.

We believe in staying ahead of the curve when it comes to lighting technology. The days of measuring light bulbs solely by wattage are behind us; we're here to introduce you to the bright side—Lumens. Step into a world where brightness is measured by the amount of light emitted, not the power consumed.

Illuminate Your World with Lumens: Beyond Wattage

Why Lumens?

1. The Brightness Revolution

Wattage was once the go-to metric for measuring the brightness of light bulbs. However, with advancements in technology, Lumens have emerged as the new standard. Lumens quantify the amount of visible light emitted by a source, providing a more accurate measure of brightness. Bid farewell to the outdated wattage mindset and embrace the brilliance of Lumens.

2. Tailored Illumination

Choosing the right colour temperature is crucial for creating the perfect ambiance in any space. Our LED bulbs offer a spectrum of colour temperatures, ranging from Warm White (3000K) to Cool White (5000K). Discover the ideal light to complement your surroundings, whether you prefer a cozy, inviting glow or a crisp, energising light.

Colour Temperature Options

Warm White (3000K): Cozy Radiance

Experience the warmth of a golden sunset with 3000K Warm White bulbs. Perfect for creating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, these bulbs are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, and other spaces where comfort is key.
This colour is the most popular due to its warming effect, and it worked perfectly in a property we just completed in Lustleigh, where we replaced a variety of wall lights and ceiling lights, transforming the customer's new home.

Natural White (4000K): Balanced Brilliance

Strike a balance between warm and cool with 4000K Natural White bulbs. This versatile option is great for spaces where you need a comfortable yet invigorating glow, such as kitchens and offices. This colour works great in kitchens and bathrooms where you need a bright colour to see what you are doing.

Cool White (5000K): Crisp and Refreshing

For spaces that demand a clean and refreshing light, such as bathrooms and kitchens, 5000K Cool White bulbs are the perfect choice. Illuminate your workspaces, bathrooms, and areas where clarity is essential with this crisp, cool light. Cool white works fantastic in modern houses where you want to see clean sharp lines.

The Future of Lighting

Join us at AM Electrics as we usher in a new era of lighting. Say goodbye to the old and welcome the brilliance of Lumens and the versatility of colour temperature. Illuminate your world with precision, style, and efficiency.

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